Using Your Benefits

For Enrollees

Enrollee Handbook

CCP provides you this handbook to assist you in getting the services you and your family need.

Click here to download the Enrollee Handbook (PDF).

Click here to download the CMS T19 Enrollee Handbook (PDF).

Click here to download the CMS T21 Enrollee Handbook (PDF).


Enrollee Training

Click here to download the AHCA MMA Program Overview (PDF).

Using Your Benefits


Mental & Behavioral Health Services

CCP has contracted with Concordia to assist you with mental & behavioral services.
Concordia Behavioral Health: 1-800-294-8642


Dental Services

CCP has contracted with MCNA to assist you with dental services.
MCNA Dental: 1-800-282-3089


Pharmacy Services

CCP has contracted with Magellan to assist you with pharmacy services.
Magellan: 1-800-424-7897


Transportation Services

CCP has contracted with LogisticCare to assist you with transportation services.
LogisticCare Reservations: 1-866-306-9358
LogisticCare Ride Assistance: 1-866-306-5359 
(contact for issues after the trip has been scheduled.)


Vision Services

CCP has contracted with South Florida Vision (20/20 Eye Care) to assist you with vision services.
South Florida Vision (2020 Eye Care): 1-877-393-2272

CCP will assist you in getting the following services. We will work closely with your doctor to ensure the services you need are provided on time and by the best doctors:



Ambulatory Surgical Centers

ARNP, Physician Assistant and Physician Services

Child Health Checkup and Immunization Services

Chiropractic Services

County Health Department Services

Dialysis Services / Freestanding Dialysis Center

Durable Medical Equipment
& Medical Supplies

Emergency Room Services

Family Planning Services

Federally Qualified Health Center Services

Podiatry Services

Portable X-Ray Services

Primary Care Case

Management Service

Rural Health Clinic Services

Optometric Services

Targeted Case Management Services

Therapy Services – Physical, Occupational, Respiratory and Speech

Transplant Services

Home Health Care Services

Hospital Services – Inpatient, Outpatient

Independent Laboratory Services

Midwife and Birth Center Services


Click here to find a list of expanded benefits

Click here to see the performance of health plans in your area

Click here to see a list of community resources

24/7 Nurse Help Line

CCP has contracted with CareNet to assist you with all questions regarding your care and your symptoms.

CareNet: 855-541-6404